Custer State Park

We drove through Custer State Park a few times. We were fortunate to have seen two different herds of bison safely from the closed doors of our truck!

We stopped at the bison center to learn more and were surprised that every fall there is a big round up so the bisons’ health can be checked out. At this time there is a culling of the herds by selling off some and a very few are allowed to be killed by hunters who use the meat. This ensures the herd stays healthy and not overwhelmingly large.

The baby bison was stillborn so they taxidermied it for viewing at the center.

There are burros in the park. They were originally used for tourist trail riding but when that stopped they were set free. They still wander around the park.

The scenery and twisting roads also make this a great place to see.

There are a few tiny tunnels, can’t come through here with a motorhome!

This park is a must see in this area!

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