Lowell Arizona..the town that time forgot.

Just a bit south of Bisbee AZ is a mostly deserted town, Lowell, est. 1880. This was a bustling mining town until the residential area was demolished to make room for the expansion of the local copper mine pit in the 1950’s.

The copper mine pit.

The main street, Erie Street is all that is left.

The only currently operating businesses are Bisbee Breakfast Club and the motorcycle repair shop. We stopped in for a bite, excellent food and the coffee was the best I’ve had in a long while.

Greyhound service stopped coming through a long time ago. Bruce wants to refurbish the bus for our new home!

Many old cars parked on the street in different stages of repair. Most recent price on the pumps was 20 cents per gallon!

We were glad to have found this little gem of yesteryear, it was a fun time.

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