Pancho Villa State Park, Columbus, NM

We went to Columbus NM today for lunch at Borderlands Cafe. While there we went to the museum at Pancho Villa State Park. On March 9, 1916 Pancho Villa and his troops invaded the United States raiding the town of Columbus. More history on this event is on our Cabalgata post so here are some pictures from the museum.

A replica of a Jenny plane
1916 Dodge Touring car like the one used by Gen. Pershing during the Punitive Expedition
Though motorized vehicles were used during this conflict wagons were also used by the troops
10,000 men were sent by President Woodrow Wilson led by Gen Pershing to find Pancho Villa and his men
The Jeffrey Quad Armored Truck was the US Army’s first armored vehicle and was built in Rock Island IL in 1915
Command headquarters building still stands
Many residences and businesses were burned to the ground during the raid but the Hoover Hotel survived

Interesting little border town and great lunch at Borderlands Cafe.

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