Updating our motorhome

Seeing that we are blogging now, what better way to get the word out than advertising on our motorhome. Two weeks ago I ordered the lettering stencils for the front and back of our rig. Installation was quite easy. Hardest part was getting the measurements right.

Our other project is to install a tv in the lower compartment under the awning. Since we spend a lot of time outside we figured why not have a tv outside ( football ), we have a brand new Samsung 32 in. flat screen smart tv. I built the wooden frame work, installed the swing arm brace. We picked up some fabric for the back wall. Installed the cable outlets. Wired the electrical. Now we can use the antenna, cable , or satellite dish. Total cost minus tv , less than $20.00 for parts. Labor, priceless.

The final product of installing the tv in the compartment.

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