Glacier National Park, Day 6, Grinnell Lake hike

Our last hike in Glacier was to Grinnell Lake. Woke up to heavy clouds and a forecast of thunderstorms but we had reservations to ride a shuttle boat across Swiftcurrent Lake and Lake Josephine to the trailhead so off we went. Boy were we glad we did, the day turned out beautiful!

We have moved over to the east side of the park to St Mary MT. The Many Glacier area of the park is where we will spend our last few days here. It is much quieter and in my opinion more scenic. The Many Glacier park entrance is beautiful even on a cloudy day.

The day started out cold, even Bruce had on long pants! By the end of the day the layers were peeled off, it turned out nice.

The Many Glacier Hotel was built in the early 1900’s to resemble a Swiss Chalet.

We caught the boat behind the hotel. While we were waiting we sat and enjoyed the views.

On our way across Lake Josephine we saw a bear swimming across, got a picture as it was climbing out of the water.

Knowing that there was a lot of bear activity in the area we started off on our hike with bear spray close at hand! One did run across the path but it was just moving along and disappeared into the woods.

We hiked through a forest area to a nice clear stream with a hanging bridge.

After the bridge we went up a short hill, around a corner and then arrived at Grinnell Lake.

The Grinell glacier is up above the waterfall. We didn’t hike to the glacier though there is a trail and it can be done.

We had a couple of bear sightings on the way out of the park, extreme zoom lens, did not get close!

We will be leaving the Glacier Park area now but will be back one day soon, this is an amazing place!

3 thoughts on “Glacier National Park, Day 6, Grinnell Lake hike

  1. What a glorious park! You hiked to the most beautiful places. Would you rate Grinnell Lake as easy, moderate, difficult? We would love to revisit and do a couple hikes but “easy” rated ones.


    1. Yes, if you take the boat across both lakes your hike is only about a mile to the lake. There are two places with an incline but not too long. Bruce has 2 bad knees and COPD and he was ok with this hike.


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