Badlands-Day 3 and missiles

Due to the heat we got out early to hike a couple trails. At 7am it was breezy, 75 degrees and no one else was out here!! Out and back took about an hour, not far, just rugged and fun.

We started with a scenic walkway that looked down into the canyon area.

Then we hiked into the canyon for about a half mile. The sign said the baddest of the badlands but we thought it was just a little rugged, not bad at all.

There were also odd shapes on the rocks, read that it is called popcorn, interesting.

After the hike we went to the Minuteman Missile National Historic Site. What an interesting place. I never really gave it much thought that the USA had thousands of underground missiles during the cold war. We watched a film in the visitors center that was very informative.

We also went down the highway a few exits to see a missile that is decommissioned but still in the silo, that was very cool.

Tomorrow we head to Custer SD. We are looking forward to seeing some bison but will stay in the truck. The one below is the only one we’ll get close to!!!

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