The Narrows Hike – Zion National Park 2022

The narrows hike is the main reason we returned to Zion National Park. When we were here in 2020 we didn’t hike it due to bacteria in the Virgin River. This time the bacteria levels were not as high so we went for it.

We rented neoprene socks and hiking boots so we wouldn’t ruin ours in the water, also hiking poles. I don’t like to hike with sticks but was happy to have it in the water current.

This hike follows the Virgin River into a slot canyon for nine miles.

The highest the water got was just above our knees, which wasn’t too bad. The hike into the canyon was against the current so it took a little getting used to. It was chilly starting out and the water was 57 degrees but because it was so beautiful it was easy to ignore.

Before going too far into the slot canyon a lot of the hiking was on rocky shore and shallow water.

As we went deeper the crowds thinned and it got a bit eerie but peaceful.

We saw some of the remnants of previous flash floods, something watched very closely here. On the day we hiked the risk of flooding was extremely low with a 15 percent chance of rain. When we got back to our motorhome the sky opened up with torrential rains, lightning and thunder. Boy were we glad we were out of there!

We are so glad we did this hike, it was one we looked forward to. It took us 4 hours and we only did about 3/4 of the hike but really enjoyed it.

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