Telluride Adventure (Colorado)

Town of Telluride

So back when I (Bruce) used to ski and snowboard a lot, I always wanted to go to Telluride Colorado. The mountains looked awesome. I told Bonnie and she said let’s go check it out. Telluride is about 2 1/2 hrs. from our base camp. So we gassed up the truck and away we went. Needless to say we were awe struck by the sheer size of the mountains, over 14,000 ft.

The quaint little village is nestled between two mountains. The first stop was lunch. We ate at the Floradora Saloon, food was excellent and moderately prices.

Then it was off to the Gondola for a ride up to the mid point of the mountain and then another gondola down into the village. There was no charge for the gondola rides. Hope to come back here when there’s snow.

At the top of this picture is the Telluride Airport. The runway is precariously perched on the plateau.

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