Moki Dugway (Southern Utah)

For the past week we have been thinking about our trip to the Moki Dugway dirt switchback. We decided to use my Subaru Outback instead of Bonnie’s truck because the Subaru would take up less room on the switchbacks. So the night before I had a dream that my Subaru broke down mid-way up and I couldn’t get it started. Fortunately that didn’t happen.

If you don’t know what the Moki Dugway is, the Moki Dugway starts on the desert floor in the Valley of The Gods in Utah and goes up in elevation 6425 feet to the top of the Cedar Mesa. The paved road ends at the bottom and continues as a dirt switchback up the side of the mesa and ends at the paved road at the top.

The dirt switchbacks were a lot wider than anticipated with side berms that took the fear out of driving over the edge. Once committed to this run I felt a lot more comfortable because of the good condition of the dirt road.

This is what the Moki looks like on a map.

So we made it up to the top of the Moki, our opinion is that it wasn’t as terrible a drive as I thought it would be. We would definitely do this run again.

When we got to the top we took the dirt road to Muley Point Overlook where we saw some spectacular views of the goosenecks created by the San Juan river.

On our way back we drove by the Bears Ears Monument

Before heading back to the rig we stopped in Blanding UT at the A&W for our traditional post adventure root beer float. Yummy.

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