Yellowstone National Park

We are staying in Jackson WY, about 60 miles south of Yellowstone so got up early and took a day trip. We drove the lower loop road and stopped for sights along the way. There are so many waterfalls in the park, more than we thought but we enjoy seeing them.

We came upon a training rescue mission in these falls. The “lost hiker” was tracked from her car by a dog to a rock at the base of the falls. The park rescue crew and paramedics do the rescue as if it were a real lost hiker. They do these training drills about once a week. A park EMT was on the lookout area and explained it to us. Good to know they do these drills.

These are the Firehole river falls.

Upper and lower Yellowstone River Falls

Of course we went to see Old Faithful erupt, along with the crowds.

Then we went to see some prismatic springs. Those are so cool.

This looks like hoof prints.

And we saw some bison! Zoom lens is our friend.

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