South Fork and Creede

We drove up Wolf Creek Pass to visit friends in South Fork. The pass is a beautiful drive with twist and turns and tunnels. There is a strictly enforced 45 mph speed limit on the pass which Bruce failed to notice. The state trooper felt 60 mph was a bit too fast so wrote out a $175 ticket. Thankfully Bruce has a speeding ticket fund which unfortunately is being depleted.

Bruce’s new friend….Mr. State Trooper.

There are two tunnels.

We stopped for lunch in Creede, an old mining town.

We had great BBQ sandwiches at Tommyknockers tavern.

The town is nestled in the mountains along a creek or river, not too sure which but pretty nonetheless.

The Creede fire department is housed in the side of the mountain. How cool is that!

Skate rental shanty for wintertime fun

Here are a few more scenes along Wolf Creek Pass heading home.

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