Mineral Bottom Green River Access, Looking Glass Arch and Rocklan Ranch Polygamist Colony

Once again we went on a dirt road adventure. We started by heading up 191 to Moab, just north of Moab we went west on hwy 313 to Mineral Bottom Road. We followed that dirt road for a long, long time.

We were looking for the Green River access, thought it might be nice to have our lunch on the river bank. Finally got to the point where the road drops down into the river valley and decided not to go any further. The dirt road was very narrow and looked a little crumbly at the edges so just looking at the scenery was enough for us!

When we got back to hwy 313 we drove through the Horse Thief Campground which is a State Park campground. There are 64 nice big spots, there are no hook-ups but the sites are large enough for a Class A motorhome. Somewhere we would stay if we are ever back in this area of Utah.

Back on Hwy 191 we headed back south. We wanted to get a close look at the Looking Glass Arch so took a right (west) on Looking Glass Road (another dirt road of course). This arch is off the beaten path and we had the place to ourselves. This is the arch we could see from our ATV adventure.

We heard there was a polygamist colony called Rocklan Ranch along Looking Glass Road with houses built right into the rock. So of course we set out to find it. First we found a deserted ‘rock house’ carved into the side of the rock. I wanted to go explore in there but the door was just swinging in the wind and I chickened out. Also was afraid if I encountered anything creepy in there Bruce would hightail it out of there spewing rocks in his wake, so best to just take a couple pics from the truck.

On down the dirt road we went looking for Rocklan Ranch. We eventually found it but just took some pictures from the road with telephoto lens. It is really one of the coolest places we have ever seen. The houses are huge and modern and are built right into the rock. You can see holes blasted in the rock where they are expanding their community. The place was originally founded about 35 years ago, they lease the land from the government and are self sufficient with solar power and a community well. If you are interested you can look up Rocklan Ranch on the web, there are many articles about the place. Bruce was out of the truck with his camera and telephoto lens looking for extra wives, oops, no, getting some shots, I was in the truck with my binoculars checking it out when I saw someone in there looking back at us with binoculars…..we weren’t trespassing but we were spying on them so I called to Bruce that we better beat feet outta there!

We headed on down the dirt road heading for the highway and home. Another fun adventure today.

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