Lincoln National Forest and Sitting Bull Falls, NM

We are in Carlsbad NM to go to the Caverns. Due to the virus entry into the caverns is limited so we will stay an extra day to get in. That meant we looked for something else to do. In the Lincoln National Forest is a waterfall we went to see.

We followed signs and drove 36 miles on a dirt road only to find out we could have taken a highway instead. The paved part was nicer.

The waterfall was 9 miles from the entrance of the National Forest. The falls are fed from a spring at the top and eventually end up joining the underground water table. The falls are a 150 foot drop into a small pool before trickling away into the weeds and rocks.

There was a nice picnic area and parking lot. Very worth the drive if you are in the Carlsbad area.

Little picnic shelters with tables and grills

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