Ajo Arizona

Staying for a week in Ajo AZ, southwest of Tucson. We have found warmer weather, 70’s in the day and 40’s overnight. This town is very small and, due to Covid, shops and restaurants have closed. There is also an old copper mine just outside of town that likely sent people packing when it closed. Tourism is the only thing keeping this town alive, about 6 RV Parks in this small town

We found a dirt road that took us around Ajo Mountain. There were quite a few bookdockers on the backside of the mountain. Didn’t take pictures of them for their privacy, that’s why they are out there after all.

Getting close to the border.
Ajo Historic Museum, unfortunately closed, would have liked to check that out.

Nice park, a little tight but nice neighbors. Every evening there is a social gathering, good fun.

Some shots from our drive here through the Tohono O’odham Indian Reservation on Rte 86. We have never seen so many roadside memorials along one stretch of road, must be quite a lot of accidents.

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