Bryce Canyon October 9, 2020

I have wanted to see Bryce Canyon for a very long time, we had the opportunity to come to Kanab so Bryce and Zion are on the list.

The scenery in this park does not disappoint. We hiked the Navajo Loop trail. It is 1.3 miles with an elevation drop of 550 feet. Fortunately we spent our summer in the mountains of New Mexico so were acclimated to the elevation. On the rim of Bryce Canyon the elevation is 8000 feet.

We began the hike with switch backs heading down to the slot canyon named “Wall Street”

Very cool how trees just grow up out of rock.

My sweetheart

The trail continues along the canyon floor.

Time for a well deserved rest to prepare for the hike back up and out of the canyon.

Some nice rock formations at the top of the hike.

Drove further into the park to Inspiration Point and Natural Bridge overlook.

We stayed at the park most of the day and didn’t see it all. There are many hikes you can take throughout the park, some harder than others. October turned out to be a great time to come, crowds weren’t too bad and the weather was mid-60’s, perfect for hiking.

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