Bisbee Arizona

Bisbee Arizona is a quirky, artsy little town. Due to the local mine there were over 10,000 people living here in the 1920’s. Currently the population is just over 5,000 because the mine is now closed.

At one time it was a wealthy town with large homes, an opera house, a few upscale hotels and many restaurants and saloons.

This town has many stairways to get from one level to another.

The Copper Queen Hotel

The Copper Queen Hotel is purported to be haunted by three entities. A cigar smoking man, a prostitute who hung herself in one of the rooms because she fell in love with a customer and a little boy who drown in the local river and whose mother worked at the hotel. There are stories of people sleeping out in their car too afraid to stay inside.

We drove up a very steep switchback which gave us quite a view of the town.

At the top was a marker stating the road was built by prison labor. This is true but on the side of the marker it mistakenly says this also marks the Great Divide, actually that is approx 120 miles to the east in New Mexico.

Another fun day out exploring, heading back to Tombstone we drove through a tunnel along the way and saw an old mine entrance long since closed up.

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