Corona and Bowtie Arches

We have been wanting to take the hike to see the Corona and Bowtie arches but it has been so hot we didn’t think we’d make it. The weather has been getting a little cooler and since Bruce’s brother and nephew are visiting thought it would be a good time to do it. These arches are west of Moab on hwy 114. The drive out to the trailhead follows the Colorado river along one side and sheer rock on the other side of the road. This area is also a favorite for rock climbers.

There is a nice parking area for the trailhead to the Corona and Bowtie arches. Across the road is day use and dry overnight camping right on the Colorado River. This time of year (September) the river is very low here, in the spring it’s really rushing along.

The trail is considered “moderate hiking”. Bruce and I found it to be quite challenging in some areas as well as the fact that it started getting pretty hot and there was no shade.

At the start there are stairs in the rock going up, then you cross the railroad tracks, next is a good gravel trail with a slight grade. The railroad tracks start at the potash plant down the road to haul product to be loaded onto trucks for over the road transportation. One day we sat and watched how the train cars are lifted up and loaded onto the back of trucks, pretty neat to watch.

Further along the trail gets harder. There is some scrambling over loose rock then cables to hold onto when traversing the slickrock. There is also a cable and foot holds to help you climb the slickrock.

Finally the arches were in sight. I was too hot and tired to continue on to the arches so Bruce sat with me under an overhang in the shade to rest. Jack and John continued on.

This is the Corona Arch and that is Jack and John walking down in front of it.

Now we retrace our steps and head back to the parking lot. I was a little concerned about going down the steep rock but did just fine.

Bruce stopped to thank the ‘Rock God’ for our safe hike down the trail.

Back on the road heading toward the potash plant is the Jug Handle Arch.

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