Joshua Tree day one

Joshua Tree National Park is much bigger than we thought it was so we plan to see it in a few separate days. The Joshua Tree is actually a large tree-like Yucca. When the Mormon settlers first came through this area they named it the Joshua Tree after the prophet. This tree only grows in two places on the earth, the Mojave Desert and near Jerusalem Israel.

It was a windy day, the video really picked it up.

The hills here looked like a huge dump truck just dropped piles of rocks off in the middle of the desert.

Next we came to the Cholla Cactus gardens. Nice little walk to stretch our legs.

Next up was a mile hike in to see the arch rock. We climbed around on the rocks for a while, this area is a bit like City of Rocks in New Mexico.

It was cool how this line of rocks continued for a long way.

Interesting how this area used to have more abundant water. The Pinto people were able to inhabit this area when it wasn’t so desert like.

That’s it for today, will head back in tomorrow to work our way a little further, there is so much to see we don’t want to rush.

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