Teton Pass

When we planned our trip into the area we were told not to drive the pass with the motorhome so we took another route. Once here we took a drive with the truck to see what it was like.

When we got to the Idaho side we saw two class A motorhomes heading up the pass, maybe they didn’t get the memo or just didn’t care, they were going for it. We quickly turned around to see how they fared, caught up with them easily enough. There they go!

We followed them back over the pass, slow going at times but they made it. Bruce wouldn’t want to put Big Blue through the strain, either on the engine or the brakes. Pretty scenery heading back.

3 thoughts on “Teton Pass

  1. Wow! You were wise to avoid that in your RV. When we first started out in 2018, we took a similar route in Colorado. White knuckles all the way up and down. After that, we bought a couple mountain grade guides to know what’s what in the Eastern and Western Mountains.

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