Jackson Hole Tramway and Mormon Row Historic site.

In Teton Village we caught the Jackson Hole tram up the mountain. I like the looks of the chalet.

The views going up were spectacular, pictures just don’t do it justice. Had some hot chocolate at the top, it was cold!

We saw some paragliders getting ready to fly but didn’t take off while we were up there, wish we could have seen them soar!

On the way down we passed another tram going up.

After the tram ride we went to find the iconic Mormon Row farm. This barn has been photographed hundreds of thousands of times from people all over the world. When T. A. Moulton built the barn around 1900 he probably didn’t think it would be such a worldwide tourist attraction. They sure chose a beautiful location to settle.

The grand finale of the day…..I was with Bruce when I saw the moose running loose!!!

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