Coping with Covid-19

After a beautiful summer working in Chama NM at the Rio Chama RV park, and making a side trip to Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park, it was time to head on down to Deming NM which is our winter home base. We arrived back here on October 17th. Upon arriving here at the Low-Hi RV Ranch, we found that there had been many changes, and mostly not for the good. Because of the covid-19 and the strict lock down our governor has placed on this state, our traveling was greatly restricted. We could not visit any state parks. Now we settled in to a boring and more boring life style. We are travelers at heart and staying in one place too long just doesn’t cut it. To pass the time we indulged in our hobbies. Bonnie likes to knit, and I took up making paracord bracelets and other paracord items. But the road is calling us and we are more than ready to go.

We all three discussed it and we are going to make a run for the border, Arizona that is.

This is our escape vehicle, Big Blue

Our escape route is as follows: first heading to Tombstone ( cuz I’m your Huckleberry ), then down to Bisbee AZ, a little artsy fartsy town and a tour of the Queens Mine, if it’s open. We’ll be spending a week there then possibly Organ Pipe National Monument, a cactus park. Then we are off to Quartzite AZ for the annual RV rally and day trips to Lake Havasu and southern California and anywhere else our heart fancies. Actually this trip is in search of warmer weather. Stay tuned for more pictures and videos on our blog.

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