Tombstone Arizona

January 2021 spent a week in Tombstone AZ. Since the covid is raging everywhere being somewhere we could enjoy mostly outside seemed the best choice.

Tombstone is known as “The town that wouldn’t die”. The Birdcage Saloon is the only original building left standing. The bar has not been restored and the many bullet holes throughout the interior are still visible. Patrons used to get too liquored up and shoot guns for the heck of it. It is the wild west after all.

We took a stagecoach tour around the town and learned some interesting history from the driver, which turned out to be a prerecorded message.

Riding around on the dusty streets called for a sarsaparilla break.
China Mary ran all things Oriental in town, if you were Chinese you had to get her approval to get a job, then pay her a percentage to keep your job. No surprise she was the wealthiest woman in town and is buried in Boot Hill Cemetery.

Stopped for a burger at Longhorn Restaurant, lots of historic items and pictures inside, cool atmosphere.

Tombstone also had a mine as did many western towns. Of course closed now.

No trip to a tourist town is complete without hitting the fudge shop, I think we overdid it with 4 lbs!!

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