Great Sand Dunes and Zapata Falls

Here we all are at the Great Sand Dunes

This place is truly amazing. “These huge dunes, North America’s tallest, are about 11 percent of a 330 square mile deposit of sand. Eroded from mountains, then shattered by freezing and thawing, and tumbled by streams and winds, creating the great sands.”

On the way out of the park we took a side trip to Zapata Falls.

First there is a 5 mile drive up a treacherous rocky road to the parking lot.

After parking there is a mile hike up another treacherous rocky path.

Finally when you have had enough of the rocks and heat you arrive at a cold mountain stream in a shady grove of trees.

After relaxing in the coolness we headed back down proud we made it!

The views from the top of the sand dunes below are awesome.

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