Our Motorhome Makeover

About a year ago we started looking at newer motorhomes in our travels. Not so much for more room, our rig needed some updating. The prices the dealers wanted for newer rigs was more than we wanted to spend. We weren’t ready to take on a big payment.

Our motorhone is a 2006 35ft. class A Georgetown by Forestriver sitting on the F53 Ford chassis powered by the Triton V10. There was only 27,000 miles on it when I bought it. The rig is in perfect running condition. One of the selling points was that it has 4 solar panels on the roof. So Bonnie and I decided to update the rig and save a bunch of money. We considered laying the vinyl planking floor and the new carpeting ourselves. After watching many videos on this subject, we decided to hire a professional to do the job.

Here are some pictures of the old linoleum and old carpet.

Out with the OLD!

This project took a lot of preparation and planning so I had to spend some time on my “thinkin’ throne”

In with the new!

The whole job of installing the vinyl and carpeting took about 1 1/2 weeks. The gentleman that did it was a retired floor covering store owner. While the work was being done, we lived in Bonnie’s travel trailer. They did an excellent job.

With the flooring installed, we decided to add our own personal touches. We bought a dining table at a second hand store. In order to make it fit in the space available, I took the end leaves off and squared off one end so it would fit flush against the wall. Added 2 chairs we bought on line. We got rid of the dated couch and replaced it with 2 chocolate euro recliners. We also added magazine rack, counter extension, and one of our favorites a storage bench. There was a big mirror on the wall which we removed and replaced it with a collage of photos from our travels.

To finish off the interior at this point we put Peel & Stick back splash in the kitchen. To the outside we added a 42″ Samsung flat screen tv in one of the compartments. We really enjoy sitting outside at night watching tv. We like using light strips. On the back ladder we installed a 20 ft. flag pole and a weather station. We also installed an air compressor. What we love about doing all the renovations, it makes our rig very self contained which allows us to do a lot of boondocking. There will be more improvements to come.

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