Island in the Sky (Canyonlands Utah)

Island in the Sky is the northernmost section of Canyonlands. This area is west of Moab Utah. The main roads are paved and accessible to most any vehicle. After the visitor center our first stop was Shafer Canyon Overlook. This overlook has some awesome scenery so we took a lot of pictures and videos.

From the top of Shafer Canyon Overlook you can take Shafer Trail, a dirt road that switchbacks down the cliff to the canyon floor then east to Moab. We did not drive this road but are considering it. If we do it that will be a post in itself because that will be quite the adventure. You can see the Shafer Trail in the pictures and video so will see why I say that.

Next we stopped at the Mesa Arch. There is a parking area then a short hike to get to the arch which is situated right on the cliff edge. The hike takes about 15 minutes but on that day it was 100 degrees so it felt much further.

Continuing on to the end of the paved road is the Grand View Point Overlook. 6080 feet above the canyon floor.

On the way back we stopped for lunch, got some of it stolen by a huge black bird.

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