Heading to Grand Teton National Park

On the road again, left Belgrade Montana on Sunday to make the 210 mile trip to Grand Teton National Park. Our route will take us through Yellowstone to avoid a mountain pass with 10% plus grades. Speed limits are only 45 mph in the park so it will be a nice leisurely drive with pretty scenery.

The west entrance to Yellowstone was a bit backed up but we were in no hurry. There is a webcam at the entrance so I got a screenshot while we waited. Here we are in big blue (blue and white motorhome).

Couldn’t do many pull outs due to crowds but saw some steam from the geysers.

Got a spot to pull off and walked back to see some run off into the river.

On the way out of the park we got our selfie with the sign.

Continuing south we headed for the Tetons. Stopped at Jackson Lake for a view.

Our first sighting of the Teton mountains.

Can’t wait to start exploring!

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