The Grand Canyon … boondocking!

On October 25, 2019 we left Monticello Utah and headed for the Grand Canyon South Rim to boondock for a few days. This was going to be my first time boondocking so I didn’t know what to expect. I did not choose this lifestyle to rough it, I like my comforts. I did not realize everything in the rig works with the solar panels except the microwave and coffee maker would drain that power so all we need to do is turn on the generator (push a button) to make those work. The big plus is the privacy and scenery. Overall a good experience so we’ll be boondocking again.

We headed south from the Grand Canyon on Hwy 64 into the little town of Tusayan Arizona. We took CR 302 which is a dirt road and came upon a perfect boondocking site in the Kaibab Forest.

While enjoying our little wooded spot, Bruce, being the helicopter aficionado that he is, kept watching the tour helicopters flying overhead.

The flight pattern brought a helicopter over our rig about every 15 minutes during the tour hours which got Bruce thinking about taking a ride which brings us to our next post, the helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon.

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