ATV Safari (Utah)

We were invited to join a group of ATVer’s out on a trail called the Hook and Ladder. The owner of the RV park where we work was guiding this safari. We went to an area that is only accessible by ATV so we got an opportunity to see sights we wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

Joe is a sheriff with San Juan County in Utah and also our guide and driver

This arch can only be seen from this side which is the back side. When Joe and his family were on this trail one time they found this arch by chance. He didn’t know if this is a named arch so they just call it the Trayden arch which is their son’s name.

This is the Looking glass arch and can be seen from the highway but you can’t tell it’s an arch from that angle. We found out there is a dirt road that will take us around to the back of that arch where we can hike up closer. That is definitely on our agenda in the near future.

We had lunch on this rock outcropping and were able to see the backside of the Wilson Arch that can be seen from hwy 191. The arch is a little hard to see in this picture but it’s almost right in the middle of the picture.
I climbed up to see the Indian bathtub, it’s a basin inside the rock opening and fills with rain. It was dry this day. The climb seemed much higher when I was up there!
One of the many steep drops on the trail.

This was an absolutely awesome day, we had so much fun.

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