The Grand Canyon…..from the air

While we were boondocking Bruce spent a lot of time watching the helicopters fly over and it got him thinking how fun it would be to take a ride. Since my birthday was coming up he decided to surprise me. He said he wanted to go over to the airport to watch them take off and land which made sense to me because he really likes helicopters. When we got there we went inside and I didn’t catch on until he pulled out his wallet. Within an hour we were climbing into a helicopter.

Our pilot, John, was a real nice guy. He has been flying for over 20 years and this day was his last day flying Grand Canyon tours, he was heading to Fort Rutger to train new pilots. So needless to say I felt safe with him at the controls.
Here we go….up, up and away!

Here is the H130 Ecostar we rode in over the Grand Canyon.

Bruce is a Vietnam Veteran so was excited to be in a helicopter without being shot at!

When the helicopter cleared the cliff my stomach dropped.

This is the highlight of our travels so far, we don’t know what the future will bring but this one will be tough to top.

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