Badlands day 2–Prairie Dogs!

We stopped at the Badlands Ranch Store to feed the Prairie dogs this morning. They like plain peanuts in the shell which you can get inside the store…..along with other touristy stuff to buy.

We had fun feeding them, they are pretty cute!

On we went back to the famous Wall Drug, we didn’t spend much time there yesterday so wanted to poke around the shops a bit. Bruce got his Wall Drug bumper sticker free because he is a veteran. We spent plenty of money there anyway.

We did some shopping for souvenirs then went back to our new favorite restaurant, Badlands Saloon & Grille. We had the same waitress as yesterday, she is here on a work exchange program for the summer from Jamaica. Said she is having fun learning about cowboy stuff.

Took the scenic route back to our rig. There are huge fields of sunflowers here.

Stopped at a couple scenic pull offs.

Good thing there are scenic views because it is way too hot to go on any hikes. Tomorrow we plan to get out early and take a couple short hikes. 106 degrees is too much! At least it was 72 inside the truck!

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