Monument Valley Arizona

We drove to Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park in Arizona.After hitting the trading post, we did the 17 mile driving tour through all the spectacular formations and mesas. If you go beware that the road through the park is bad, you will need a vehicle with clearance. They do have tours available but you ride in the back of trucks on benches, there is a LOT of dust kicked up and you are plastered right against the person next to you in HOT temperatures bouncing along rutted dirt roads. We were very happy we were in our own air conditioned vehicle with the windows up! The temperature at the valley floor hit100 degrees and back here in Monticello it was 84 degrees.

Just a side note , with all the parks we have been to, it has only cost us $40.00 plus gas money. The America the Beautiful Senior pass has saved us a ton of money.

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