Grafton Utah, a Ghost Town

Outside of Zion National Park about 10 miles down dirt roads is the ghost town of Grafton. This is a historic Mormon settlement first settled in 1859 and currently under restoration by a local group, The Grafton Heritage Partnership, and funded by donations.

There were originally 38 people who settled here. Life was very hard, there were flash floods, disease and discontent with the local indigenous peoples. They tried to grow wheat, cotton and alfalfa but had a rough time of it.

In 1910 there were 106 people living here, which is the largest population recorded. Most of them were related because the men had multiple wives and many, many children. Unfortunately due to disease and otherwise harsh living many children didn’t live past 10 years old.

The last residents left in 1944, electricity and plumbing were never installed in this town. Just outside of town is the cemetery which is also under restoration.

The town was sold to a movie producer in 1946 who filmed a few movies here most notably Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid in 1969. In 1997 the Grafton Heritage Partnership regained ownership and began the slow task of reconstruction. Very cool place to visit.

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