Cabalgata Binacional Fiesta de Amistad

On March 7, 2020 we went to Columbus New Mexico to see the arrival of the horses. This ride is done annually to commemorate the raid on Columbus on March 9, 1616 by Pancho Villa. Instead of a “warlike” raid where 18 Americans were killed this is a show of goodwill and friendship between the countries. Riders from Guerrero Mexico have ridden for two weeks to reach Columbus and are joined by American riders at the border to show goodwill between two nations (Mexico and America).

In retaliation for the raid by Pancho Villa, President Woodrow Wilson ordered a punitive expedition commanded by Gen. John “Black Jack” Pershing. This expedition was the first time in U.S. military history that airplanes were deployed in a sustained combat role. There were 8 planes that flew into Mexico to help scout and acquire intelligence on the Mexican encampment. The rickety biplanes used by the Army were called “Jennys” but the planes were so dangerous to fly that all but one was wrecked by the end of the first month.

The people in this truck were throwing candy and blasting Mexican music.

When all the horses arrived and were in the town square they played the National Anthems of both America and Mexico, then there were colorful Mexican dancers with traditional dress and music.

All of this excitement made us hungry so we went to the Patio. The one in Deming closed but this one is still open. They have the best burgers around!!

Another fun day in the borderlands, beautiful weather and nice people.

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