Official Center of the World, Felicity CA

We took a little trip to Felicity CA, 12 miles west of Yuma on I-8. This is a quirky, whimsical yet historical roadside attraction worth a few hours of your time.

In the 1980’s Jacques-Andre Istel, a Korean War Marine Veteran, officially established the center of the world on this property. He convinced Imperial County California to legally recognize it as so. He incorporated a town here and named it Felicity after his wife.

Well behaved dogs are allowed on this site so Meghan was able to join us. But she didn’t get a certificate.

The finger of God, a replica of the famous Michelangelo painting is a sun dial and also points to the church on the hill. He created the hill with 150,000 tons of dirt he had shipped in.

The many granite walls have all sorts of history etched into them. There is the history of mankind, history of the United States, history of aviation, history of animals and birds and a memorial to the Korean War. So much here to see it could take a day to read it all.

Also on the site is a portion of the original stairs from the Eiffel Tower in Paris. When the stairs were replaced in 1983 a section was cut into 20 pieces. Being from France the owner bought a section and had it placed here. This is #12 of the 20 piece section.

We really enjoyed this place. The website has a lot more information and worth a read.

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