Zion National Park – Oct 2020

Went to Zion in October 2020. This park is best described as majestic. Unlike most other parks where you are looking down into canyons, here you are on the canyon floor looking up. There are two entrances, we came in from the west and through the tunnels. Just outside the park is a big bison farm.

Before the tunnels the scenery is smooth rock hills.

After quite a long drive we went through 2 separate tunnels. We were in our pickup but if you are driving an RV or towing a 5th wheel you may want to consider entering the park from the east where there are no tunnels.

Right after the last tunnel are a series of switchbacks which took us to the floor of the canyon. There are openings in the tunnels to allow vehicle exhaust out.

We went into Zion on two separate days. The first day we checked out the visitors center and did a couple short hikes near there. On the second day we had tickets for the shuttle which took us deeper into the park. Our tickets were purchased online 3 weeks in advance. Due to Covid only shuttles are allowed in most parts of the park so planning in advance is necessary if you want to see most of it.

Masks on in the shuttle

There was bacteria in the Virgin River when we visited so we decided not to complete the narrows hike which would have meant wading down the river. Up to that point it was pretty anyway. Another hike we didn’t take was up Angels Landing. That hike is so vertical there are chains to hold onto to help you along. Below picture shows where the trail is.

The shuttle drops you at trailheads so there are many hiking options.

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