Glacier National Park, Day 3, Trail of the Cedars and Avalanche Lake Hike

We enjoyed a 6 mile hike to Avalanche Lake. Most of the hike was in dense forest, we started out early because it has been in the 90’s most afternoons.

The first half mile was on a wooden path through the cedars and black cottonwoods.

After a short climb we headed deeper into the forest.

This trail ran pretty much alongside Avalanche Creek. I love how the water has cut through the rock.

The only wildlife we saw on this hike was a deer who was not at all concerned with humans.

We wound through the woods heading towards the lake. The sun was coming up and highlighted the mountain tops.

Finally, our first sighting of Avalanche Lake.

The sun was just peeking over the mountain.

We sat on a log for a while and enjoyed the scenery before heading back.

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