Chama, NM and Rio Chama RV Park

In May 2020 we headed to Chama NM, where we are working for the summer at Rio Chama RV Park. After leaving Hwy 25 near Santa Fe the scenery was pretty as well as quickly rising in elevation. The elevation in Chama is 7871 ft.

Chama was built around the Cumbres and Toltec Railroad. This is a very small town, the population is only 1199. The businesses here rely heavily on railroad tourism. Unfortunately due to Covid-19 the railroad has been shut down this summer.

Rio Chama RV Park follows the town theme of the railroad. There are 101 sites here, mostly for RVs but there are a few tenting sites.


This park is full of Cottonwood trees, many had to be taken down this spring so they wouldn’t fall on visiting motor homes. Now the job of chopping up the trees to sell for campfires in the park.

There’s a bear in the park! This is mama, didn’t get pictures of baby but we saw it.

Rex the Bear Slayer chased it away…

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