Our new electric bikes!

Ever since renting e-bikes in Zion we wanted to buy one. We did research and decided on the Aventon Sinch. These bikes fold up and fit in the back of our truck so we didn’t have to buy a specialized rack as they weigh 68 lbs each.

We found exactly what we wanted at The Bike Works in Silver City NM, red for Bonnie and green for Bruce. The owner Dave was awesome and gave us lots of helpful suggestions and information. After some quick riding instructions we were ready for our first adventure. We headed off to City of Rocks to ride.

This bike can be ridden as a regular pedal bike, or you have 5 levels of pedal assist, or you can use the throttle like a scooter with no pedaling at all. Supposedly we have up to 45 miles per charge depending on how much you pedal,

The amazing thing about these bikes is they fold up and fit in the back of our truck, perfect for our lifestyle. Though compact they still weigh 68 lbs! The battery is 10 lbs so we remove it before lifting into the truck, every little bit helps.

We rode to the overlook, never could have made it up there with our mountain bikes, pedal assist is awesome! The bike can be pedaled with as much or as little assistance as you want so we can still get a workout when riding.

2 thoughts on “Our new electric bikes!

  1. Hurray! You will get so much use from your pedal assist vehicles! Sometimes, there are places we want to explore but just don’t have the stamina to walk up hill for a long distance. Our little scooters have been a great addition to our adventures.

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